Barn at Gibbet Hill Blog

Karen Osterberg, Executive Banquet Chef

Karen received her culinary degree from Newbury College in 1997 and since worked in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.  She came to Gibbet Hill as Executive Banquet Chef in the spring of 2005 and after a four hour interview with the Webber family in which she spilled her entire life story and, somewhat incredibly, was still offered the job.   During her time at the Barn, Karen has guided run-away cattle back to their field, taken several close up pictures of the resident red-tail hawk, yet to this day, has not seen the rumored Gibbet Hill “ghost”.   She has been an invited chef to the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, Georgia since 2007.  In a fantastic role reversal, Karen got married at the Barn in 2010 and now resides in Gardner with her husband Terry.