April Fool’s Day Wedding

Schedule your wedding for April 1, and you might imagine buds beginning to come out of the soil, maybe some green starting to pop on the trees….but do you imagine snow?   Yael and Catherine were surprised to endure a huge snow storm on their April 1 wedding!  But this adventurous couple took it all in stride with smiles on their faces.  Photographer Dan Aguirre trekked out with them throughout the property to capture some magnificent images.  Ceremony and reception kept everyone warm and dry in The Barn.  A sample of their day below:


A Very Special Top of the Hill Wedding

Take a stroll to the top of Gibbet Hill, and you’ll find the stone ruins of an old home built in the early 1900’s.  The skeleton of two fireplaces and a tall turret are pieces of what remain of the home, inspiring many people to call it a castle.

Recently, Jen and Gregg were married at the “Top of the Hill”.  This exclusive space is only available a few times a year for ceremonies and receptions, and Jen and Gregg added details that only enhanced the beauty of this location. The florals, the linens & special decor details, including the plane flyover, were simply amazing!  Scroll down for a few highlights!

Best wishes Jen and Gregg!



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Signature Cocktails

One of the fun aspects of planning your wedding reception is deciding on the beverages.  There are lots of options available and many couples like to add a personal touch by offering a signature drink or cocktail.

signature drink wedding1

These libations can be a nod to your heritage, reflect your hobbies, an homage to your relationship, or simply flavors you enjoy!


signature drink wedding5

signature drink wedding3

Whether it’s a cocktail or a mocktail, your signature drinks will be one more detail your guests will be talking about for years to come!

signature cocktail

signature drink wedding4